Friday, July 31, 2009

Closing Time

Today was the closing event of the past two years - Miles' graduation from PA school. Yay!! I am so proud of him and very excited that he is no longer a student. The graduation ceremony wasn't long which was nice. The speaker was quite entertaining considering he said he could hear so-and-so's Kegels and told a medical version of snow white and the seven drug dwarfs. He also confessed of a prank he did while he was a PA student. Before a surgery patient went under anesthesia, he told the patient that if she saw a light at the end of the tunnel when they gave her the anesthesia that meant she lied about her weight. So he asked her if she had anything she needed to tell them before they put her under. He was definetely the most entertaining graduation speaker I've ever heard.

Now what to do to celebrate?! Last night we got together with our PA friends, played Halo 3 with 8 players on two TVs at our house during the afternoon. It was madness!! I don't play well with that many people. I think I disappointed Miles because usually with his friends I can actually hold my own. Not this time. then in the evening we went to a BBQ in Blackfoot where we ate, had fun talking, and played some kickball. I haven't played kickball since elementary school. It was very fun!! Tonight I think Miles wants to just relax unless he changes him mind.

I want to tell Miles congratulations, and that I love him!!! You've worked so hard these past two years and now it is paying off. I appreciate your willingness to provide a living for our family, and I'll try not to be a singularity that spends all your money before you even see it. :) But you never know what might happen when your mom and I go shopping in Kansas City!

"Closing time, every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Big Thank You!!

I just wanted to thank everyone that prayed and fasted for Zo. We found out yesterday that the surgeon at Primary Children's Hospital said that Zo's head looks fine, and that he doesn't need surgery. What a relief!! He did say that if we wanted to look into getting one of those helmets to fix the shape of his head we could. We haven't decided about that. Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know the good news, and that without your fasting efforts, prayers, and faith, we might have received some not-so-good news. We love you all and appreciate your support and love!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Turn Your Head and Laugh

Zo was apparently in a very good mood tonight. While sitting on Miles' stomach, he was laughing hysterically when Miles would cough. "Why?" you ask? We have no idea.

He is already learning how to manipulate his parents. While we were at Sears last weekend he wanted out of his stroller. So what did he do? He started fake coughing. As soon as we got him out, he stopped. What a little stinker!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No More Super Baby!!

Last week I reached a verdict. There will be no more "SUPER BABY!" (That's when I lift Zo up in the air and pretend he's "SUPER BABY!") This verdict came after I got spit up IN THE MOUTH for the SECOND TIME!! Most baby things aren't really gross to me, but spit in the mouth is absolutely disgusting!!! I cannot even tell you what a nasty taste it left in my mouth!! And of course it was on the day of his doctors appointment so I was dressed in a cute outfit with my hair actually done. So not only did it get in my mouth, but on my clothes and in my hair. YUCK!

Today was the day that Zo ate his first solid food. Hooray! For me it was very cute so I thought I would share the video even though it might be kind of boring for you. Although if you really love Zo you'll watch it! I don't think he has fully gotten rid of the reflex where he pushes everything out with his tounge, so a lot ends up on his bib instead of in his tummy.

Before the rice cereal

Eating the rice cereal... if that's not obvious.

As for other updates with Zo, he's more smiley than ever and is such a good baby. He was so patient when he was getting his CT. The radiologist tech wedged his head between this foam head thing so that he wouldn't be able to move it very well. But he kept trying to sit up, so she taped a towel around his head so that he couldn't move it in any direction. And just to be sure he didn't even wiggle, I had to hold his chin during the scan. He was so good, and I was so proud of him! And when he went to the doctor the week before and got his shots, he didn't even cry! He is going to be one tough cookie. Especially since Miles throws him around like a rag doll. :)

We heard back from the doctor earlier this week and found out that it's not the bones at the top of his head they are worried about closing early, but rather the two on the side. The radiologist saw the problem, but the doctor wasn't sure he agreed, so he sent the films off to a pediatric radiologist. That might take weeks to hear back from him/her.

I'm going to go pick a copy of the CT tomorrow so Miles can take it to the surgeon he is doing his rotation with. The surgeon offered to take it up to the radiologist and the neurologist and get their opinion. This is when I'm especially glad Miles is in the medical field!

As for the house, we have it listed with a realtor, but still haven't had any bites. Bummer!

And lastly, a few pics from the Fourth of July...