Friday, March 12, 2010

One Mistake I'll Never Make Again...

I feel robbed. Robbed by H&R Block. I went there thinking they would be fairly inexpensive, fast, and easy. It was pretty fast, but the guy who did my taxes didn't know what some of the terms meant on the questionaire and had never done the sale of a house. Annoyed, yes, but he brought someone over who did know what they were doing to help.
After about an hour we were finished, and he told me how much I owed. I'm not even going to tell you how much because I feel ashamed that I didn't ask about their fees upfront and just assumed they would be reasonable. Let's just say it was A LOT! So now I'm pretty mad because this is seriously dipping into my valuable tax refund.
Today I decided to call the manager and give her a little piece of my mind. All she did was give me some lame excuse about coporate not lowering the fees, no matter how much they beg them. I told her how incompetant "Daniel" was, and how I am telling everyone how awful H&R Block is. Did she do anything to remedy the situation? Nope. Hence I'm spreading the word...

Don't ever go to H&R Block! Ever!!!

And that's all.