Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my little Valentine!

Although we celebrated yesterday, today is Zo's birthday. He is 2 years old now! I just can't believe he's already a full-blown toddler (except for when he throws his tantrums - then I believe it). To celebrate his birthday many of the Romney family came over to our house. Jen, Jared, Adelyn, and JR couldn't make it because they have been deathly ill. We are sad that they are sick, and I know Zo loves his cousins and would have had a lot of fun with them.

We played with Zo and his new ball that Nanny gave him until dinner time.

Zo got hit with the ball so he...

tried to hit Naomi...

then hit Julie. (Sorry Julie!)

For dinner Lorenzo cooked his spaghetti, which Zo throughly enjoyed as usual. Then we opened presents, ate cake, ice cream, and cupcakes. The cake was my first attempt at doing a creative/themed cake. It turned out okay. I thought it was gross with the sprinkles and stuff on top which is why I made the cupcakes too. (Those were good:) )

Zo got some really great presents from his loving family. Thank you everyone for your love and gifts!
Lots of REALLY cute clothes (that he desperately needed) from Nanny.
A lovable, soft Buzz Light Year with blanket (that he took to bed that night:) ) from Benjamin and Kalie.

Books and a cool flashlight toy from Jen, Jared, Adelyn, and JR.

Tricycle!!!! From Grandma and Grandpa Olsen

A kid's pinic table with an umbrella from Mommy and Daddy

The bummer part was that by the end of his birthday celebration he had croup. I'm glad we celebrated a day early. Otherwise his birthday would not have very fun.
Zo is such a funny kid. He loves to clean. He gets upset if I take out the garbage without letting him help. When he makes a mess he gets out a rag and wipes it up. He can't sit on his high chair if it's dirty. It must be cleaned first!

He now loves his movies which include: How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, Over the Hedge, and Beauty & the Beast. He likes to watch "Super Why", "Sid, the Science Kid" (I'm so proud:) ), and "The Cat in the Hat". He likes Elmo, but otherwise does not like Seasame Street. He's starting to like coloring and will get into the drawer, get the crayons, some paper, and start drawing. He loves to count, but usually can't make it past one. He just says, "One" over and over again while you keep counting the stairs, toes, fingers, or whatever. (This can easily throw you off when trying to remember how many cups of flour you've added.)

He loves to all kinds of balls. Love to kick them, throw them, roll them, and spin them.

He LOVES cars. When he sees a truck or car pass on the road he says, "Beep, beep!". When we're in the parking lot and he sees a car he says, "Owie." This is because I tell him he has to hold my hand when we're in the parking lot because the cars can give him a big owie. He also knows that knives, lighters, and scissors are also owies. That still doesn't stop him from bringing them to me.
He loves to help with the dishes. I think he likes this one because he gets to play in the water in the sink.
All animals roar, with the exception of pigs and monkeys. He's starting to make their noises.
When he's scared he starts to pant and take really shallow breaths.
He loves Liam and likes to help. He will bring me Liam's pacifier and blanket. If Liam kicks of his blanket, Zo will go and put it back on him. Everything Liam does is, "foounny".

Zo LOVES his daddy and calls for him all the time during the day. He points at Miles' chair and says, "Daddy". Same with the front door, Miles' glasses, shoes, and other things Zo manages to find of Miles'.

Zo is obessessed with shoes. He is always trying to put his on him, mine on him, mine on me, or his on Liam. Last night when everyone was starting to leave, somehow he knew which shoes belonged to who. He got Jacob's shoes and brought them to him. He did the same with Julie's and Kalie's (I think). He loves to go outside and finally when it was slightly warm yesterday was so happy to be outside without his little fingers being in danger of frost bite.

I love this kid so much, as I know Miles does. My dad used to always tell me I would never know how much he loved me until I had children of my own. He was so right. Of course I love my parents, but the love that a parent has for their child is different. You are constantly serving that little person by doing EVERYTHING for them which results is a kind of love that is so deep and powerful that it makes me tear up just thinking about how much I love him. Happy Birthday Zo!