Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Romney Happenings

I'll start with Zo getting his new bed a little while back. Liam was outgrowing the pack 'n play, so that meant Zo got booted out of his crib. He has done very well adjusting! It was fun going with Nancy to pick out his bedding, mattress, dresser, and nightstand. His walls are still bare, but that way they match the rest of the house:) I will decorate my walls someday, there are so many things to buy that it all just takes time!

A few pictures of Liam:
A rad tech that Miles works with had a play set that her kids had outgrown, and so she was wanting to sell it. It is pretty cute, and she gave us a pretty good deal. So two Saturday's ago Zo got a play set, and has really enjoyed it so far. Loves the slide, hates the swings. He had a good time helping his dad put it together.

Then came Easter and we had a good time on Saturday. We started with an Easter egg hunt, which Zo quickly got the hang of and had a lot of fun.

About 2/3 the way through he opened an egg and realized they were filled with candy! Best day ever! ("Until Halloween" Miles replied)

The rest of Saturday was spent out in the yard. We took a whole bunch of garbage to the dump, Miles tilled and filled the holes left by the U-Haul last year and planted grass on those patches.

As for Easter Sunday, the morning was a little crazy. Here's why:

6:15 - Zo wakes up and I lay in bed with him until 7 trying to get back to sleep. Did he fall back asleep? No.

7:15 - Liam wakes up. I feed and dress him. Then I cut up the Rice Krispie treats for primary.

8:10 - About to get in the shower when I check my phone. I see that I have a new email, and a new email on Sunday morning is never good. The pianist is sick so now I have to play for Sacrament. (We had a meeting that morning, so we have to leave by 9:00). I am now frantic as I start to try and practice all the hymns for that day. And as you know, piano is not my strong instrument. I practice for about 20 min. until I absolutely have to get ready. What gets left behind? A shower. Who needs them anyway?

Needless to say we did not get an Easter family picture, and now I'm really sad. We have no family pictures. I think we have one, and that was on Liam's blessing day. So pathetic! Sadly, me playing for sacrament, doing sharing time, making treats for primary, and playing piano for primary is not an unusual Sunday. I don't mind it that much, I just would appreciate some notice when I have to play!

After church we went to Nancy & Lorenzo's for Easter dinner. It was so yummy! Nancy made her famous roast, potatoes & gravy, corn, peas, and rolls. After dinner we colored Easter eggs because we didn't have time Friday night or on Saturday. Zo had a ton of fun!!