Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Personal Bubble

So I was at Walmart a little while ago and all the lines were crazy long. I usually don't use the self check-out line because the people there are totally incompetent. This time however there was a guy who was almost finished, so I jumped behind him. As I was waiting, a guy and his three teenager daughters got in line behind me. At first I thought he was so close so that the traffic behind him wouldn't be hindered. So I kept sneaking forward, but so did he. His voice was so loud in my ear - I'm pretty sure I could feel his breath on my neck.
Well finally it was my turn. I only had 3 items. His cart was totally bumping into mine, and his daugthers kept coming closer too. Finally, when I was paying I had to use my wallet as a shield when entering my pin. Oh my gosh! Haven't these people ever heard of a personal bubble!!!
I was so annoyed that these people had invaded my private space. Especially when someone is doing a financial transaction where they have to use their pin!

I know in other countries personal bubbles are a lot smaller, and maybe I'd get used to it. But as for now, please keep out of my personal bubble!!!

P.S. This doesn't really apply to family or close friends - just people I don't know or don't like - especially people I don't like.