Saturday, February 4, 2012

Diet Coke with Vanilla

Last night Miles and I went to an MMA fight in Grain Valley with the whole ortho clinic because they all know the guy that was going to be fighting in the main event. We arrived at the Whiskey Tango before the majority of the crowd. Yes, it was my first time in a bar. It was set up so that the caged octagon was in the middle of the floor with long tables on four sides. Then there was a perimeter of barstools which is where we sat.

I hadn't eaten dinner so as soon as got there I ordered food and a diet coke with vanilla from the one waitress in our huge section. I was a little disappointed when I got my drink because she added way too much vanilla. But I drank it anyway.

Later on when both Miles and I needed refills our waitress was nowhere to be found, and was nearly impossible to signal even when she did come around. So I went to the drink window and ordered Miles another Sprite and myself another Diet Coke vanilla. The total for our two drinks? $9.50! I tasted it and thought it was a bit off. So I had Miles taste it along with Liz and Suzette from the office who know their alcohol. Sure enough, it was vanilla vodka that had been added. Awesome. My first taste of alcohol. I told Dr. Ross what happened (who also knows her alcohol VERY well) she laughed and said, "And you didn't spontaneously combust?!" Ha ha.

Liz took it back to the window and the bartender said that if I wanted non-alcoholic drinks I needed to order from the waitress. I flaged her down a few minutes later and ordered my drink. When she came back with it I thought it too tasted off. Once again Miles, Liz, and Suzette tasted it, thinking maybe it had vodka, but not sure. Waving down the waitress once more we asked if my drink had alcohol. She nodded. Awesome. What did this mean? My first drink of the night that I totally downed also had vanilla vodka in it. So what I thought was just way too much vanilla turned out to be vanilla vodka! Finally we just ordered my a plain diet coke, nothing added. What did I learn? When asking for vanilla anything at an alcoholic service venue, assume you are asking for vanilla vodka.

As for the fights, some were good, a lot were boring. Our guys lost. I have to admit I was pretty busy watching all the weird drunks getting more drunk throughout the night instead of watching the fights. Drunk people are entertaining to a point, and then they just get loud and annoying.

Oh and my total for the night for 1 chicken sandwich, some sprite and unwanted diet coke with vanilla [vodka]? Almost $30! Crazy!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Photos

My nephew took these pictures back in November. He did a great job, and I'm sad he's leaving for his mission in April. Hopefully that won't mean no family pictures for 2 years.