Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guns In the House

On the topic of guns, I don't really understand why some people are so avidly against owning any sort of gun, especially if you have kids. I know that there are many many accidents involving kids and guns where one or more of the kids was either injured or killed. But I don't think it was just having a gun in the house that caused the accident. I think it's a combination of the kid's personality and how the parents handle having a gun in the house. I don't have kids yet, but I was raised in a house with guns, and I think you can have guns in the house without having your kids get into trouble with them.

I think the trick in this situation is to educate your kids and to not make the gun like it's some secret/special toy. Take your kids out with guns and teach them gun safety. Teach them how to safely handle a gun, shoot a gun, and act around guns. Also, I think if you make it known that you'll take them out to shoot regularly, then they won't be tempted to take the gun and go shoot it without you. This way, when their friends come over and want to see the gun, your kid will know to say, "Yea, when my dad gets home he can show us his guns. He'll even take us shooting if we ask."

So yea, I'm one of those parents that will have a whole bunch of guns in the house with kids. And if you are so terrified of guns that you won't even be near one, I think you are just ignorant.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

High School Drama

As the school year drew to a close, I reflected on the many counts of high school drama I saw my students encounter throughout the year. The hook-ups, the break-ups, the cheating, the sports, the girl fights, the boy fights, the homework, the blah blah blah. Oh and we can't forget the tremendous sadness that comes with graduating and or just not seeing all your friends for a whole summer.

Then I was reminded of my own high school experience. I know I went through all that drama (or most of it), but as I look back I can't help but think, "Why couldn't you have just been more mature?" And then I ask that same questions of my students. I know those feelings they are experiencing, but sometimes it's hard to actually sympathize with them and not just laugh hysterically at them. I'm not sure if what I feel is actually coming across clearly, but I hope you get my point. I know that the high school drama is hard, but can't you just get over it and grow up? Hopefully I'll be able to muster up more sympathy when I have teenagers of my own. As for now, however, I'm content with laughing and getting a kick out of my students "pain".