Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Show Me State

First of all, I want to let everyone know the good news... Miles passed his PA certification exam! Yay!! Congratulations Miles! I knew you'd pass:)

Secondly, as you probably know we are now living in Marshall, Missouri. Miles, Rebekah, Rachel, and Mary all drove out here in the Cavalier and the U-Haul that was towing the Honda. I opted to fly, and Miles was nice enough to let me. A 3 hour flight is SO much better than a 20 hour drive.

Jen and Jared visited last weekend, and Zo and Adelyn really liked playing with each other.

Zo's new thing is to suck on his big toe. He doesn't get that flexibility from me!

Since we've been here the weather has been really pleasant. The only time it was really humid was when we went to Van Meter State Park, and that was because we were by some wet lands and a small lake. We went there Tuesday evening and played football, grilled some steaks, and played on the playground.

I am having issues putting up pictures so you'll have to go to my facebook page to see all the MO pics.