Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Best Childhood Toy Ever

Last week I went to an inservice at my school where Dr. Roger Taylor was the presenter. In his presentation he talked about how kids today don't play the way we used to play when we were kids. They don't use their imaginations or any sort of creativity. They sit inside and watch TV or play video games. He then showed a picture of a cardboard box. Oh the memories that came flooding back to all of us that were in the room! This ordinary box was transformed into a speedy car, a drive through restaurant, a dream home, and so many other things.

I remember a certain large box I had as a child that I absolutely loved. I played with it non-stop for weeks. Surely my parents had noticed how much I loved this box. But no! One day without my permission my dad needed a place to put the newborn chicks. And what did he use? My box! It was the best toy I ever lost.

So kids don't need all these fancy toys that light up and make noises. All they need is a box.

And Jen, your pictures on facebook inspired me to write a blog about this. :)