Friday, November 4, 2011

#1 Thing NOT to pour down your sink

What is that? And what is that stuff coming out of that pipe? The answer: Grease, pure solidified grease coming out of the pipe that we had to replace.

We've had minor prolems with our sink ever since we moved in, and major problems for the past 2 weeks. Our kitchen sink was so clogged that it would take 8-12 hours for the sink to drain, depending on how much water was in there. It was nearly impossible to do dishes, which has meant a very dirty kitchen and house. (I feel like if my kitchen can't be clean, why bother with the rest?)

A lot of money and two plumbers later we found out the problem was built up grease that previous owners had apparently dumped down the drain. You see, grease doesn't flow down your pipes into the sewer or septic. It solidifies and stays in your pipes and just builds and builds until they're full, and finally the only solution is to replace the line. Sadly we had to tear out the dry wall of our laundry room ceiling (which is WAY harder than they make it look on TV) and have that part of the line replaced.

So next time you think about pouring any grease down the drain, think of this picture:)

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